How do I stop battery drain from google play services?

Google play services is draining my battery even when the phone is in my pocket and not being used. How can I fix this? I have tried putting it in airplane mode, uninstalling updates, etc. but cannot find a fix.

Google play services might be the enabler and not necessarily the ultimate culprit for the battery drain… I would recommend restarting in Safe Mode and see if that works any better…that could point to one of your downloaded apps that might be draining your battery through secondary usage of Google play services.

Safe Mode

Ok, I will give that a try tomorrow for a few hours and see if it makes any difference. I should also add that I have had problems with cell standby draining battery in the past, although turning on airplane mode(especially when roaming or not connected to wifi) helped stop that.

Yea safe mode isnt working. It is still draining my battery at the same rate under google play services.

If safe and other steps that you have tried have been of no success, you should try a factory reset. Beware, this deletes all the added content on your phone. The link also provides informational links on how to backup your data like contacts and pictures.

Hi @daniela.shajos,

Could you show us a screenshot of what you’re seeing? When the phone has little use, something must show up as the highest percent of battery use, but if the overall consumption is low, that high percentage should not be a concern.

Google Play Services draining battery

Here is a link to an screenshot from google images. Lmk if that link doesn’t work. Shows Google Play Services taking up over 45% of the battery by the time it died(about 6-7hr into my school day with little use).

Thanks, I will give it a try but I like to leave these sort of things as last resort. I think you understand, its a bit of a process

Hi @daniela.shajos

The link works, however it does show your full name.

If you tap Google Play services in the battery info screen, you will get some more info…I personally would like to see that screenshot.

(click to enlarge)

I added the info to the shared album

Shared album - Daniel Andrejczyk - Google Photos

Hi again @daniela.shajos

I find it interesting that the percentages different between the two screenshots. I would think something is keeping the app awake and active.

I personally would go into Settings/Apps / Play services and clear the cache.

Although doing that, I noticed you didn’t mention performing the Clearing the Cache


Give that a try and see if it resolves the issue.

( sorry, I am on a mobile device. I find those much harder to negotiate then a physical keyboard).

I actually do clear the cache regularly given my phone only has 8gb and a micro sd card to store my music/photos. Regardless I went in again and did it just now, but am not really seeing a difference as it just keeps going down. Also, so far google play services has taken up 27% today, up 21% from the second highest. I also use a fitbit wearable, I didnt notice battery draining problems until a good month or so after owning my fitbit, but wondering if that could be the issue. Using the fitbit app with my fitbit.

Ill try a factory reset this weekend when I can find the time to back everything up and see if that fixes the issue.

I should also add some apps arent updated because of the limited storage space(I have moved some apps to my sd card but, you cant entirely move most apps off the internal storage as I unfortunately found out later). Google Play Services is up to date, however.

Do you have a lot of accounts synced to your phone? Try to disable auto-sync. Sync-ing multiple accounts…or errors during the sync process can keep Google Play Services active for extended periods of time.

I only have 2 accounts linked, how do I disable auto-sync?

This is what is chewing up our battery. Even though there isn’t enough room to update some apps the Play Store will keep trying on the assumption you have done some housekeeping and made room for the updates.

Settings -> Accounts -> Google ->

You will have to individually disable the things that you don’t want to sync… I would recommend switching everything off…at least

for the purpose of testing.

The most suspect items would be

a) App Data

b) Drive

c) Google Photos Backup

tried that, still not working, up 9% in about 2 hours with minimal phone use while everything else listed is at 1-2%

Hi @daniela.shajos

What do you see if you go into the app itself?

Settings>Apps>PlayServices>Manage Data (also, how much does the cache report there?)

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