How do I stop "new station alerts"

how do I stop “new station alerts”

Hi @tbdevon123,

So that we might be able to better assist, would you clarify what you mean by “new station alerts”?

My phone suddenly ,in a male voice, says “you have a new station alert” any time any where. It is random sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Then not for 5 or 6 days. I have check notifications and it doesn’t show there. It is on my Samsung s7+. Just started about a month ago. Funny thing it started today on my Samsung tablet.
sm-510 tab A android 10 the phone is android 8

New transit app? Music app? Pandora? What’s common between your phone & tablet?

Lots of hits on Google suggesting it’s an app notification. If not, you may have malware.

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Hi @tbdevon123,

In addition to @ceedee’s thoughts, is this male voice at all familiar? For example, is it the Google Assistant voice or Samsung’s Bixby voice?

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Hi @tbdevon123 - a person over in a Reddit thread reported this in an older post –

Annoying voice saying “A new station alert has arrived” – “Definitively found the culprit to be a local CBS Affiliate Weather App (WCAX Weather) i had installed on both my Samsung S8 and Tab 2. Both devices exhibited this “notification” at what seemed to be random times, all hours of the day. Through the “Help” menu → “About” reveals the base applications to be the 2018 version 4.7.1604 by “The Weather Company”. I turned of Station Notifications (ie., weather alerts) and the “A new stations alert has arrived” message has stopped.”

Do you have any apps like that installed on both devices? Ask about both deices because you say this has also stared on your Samsung tablet. Just wondering what might be common to both!


Thanks, I am trying your suggestion. I am stopping notifications on the weather apps that are both devices. Time will tell. These are so random. Maybe 2 one day and none for a week. I do really appreciate your input and Republic as a resource to help figure this out. Also the Ambassadors assistance.
Just renewed my 1 year subscription for Republic. Thanks for the service and great value.


That didn’t fix it. I just received another “new station alert has arrived”. My next try is to delete the weather app on my phone and see if the tablet only gets the next one. Thanks

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Maybe it’s not the weather app. Make a list of apps you’ve recently installed on both devices.

There is a good discussion here:

I don’t remember installing any new apps recently.

So I deleted my channel 13 Wham weather app on my phone but left it on my tablet. So my phone stopped giving me the new station alerts but the tablet continues to give me the new station alert. So it appears it has something to do with that particular app for my situation


Great sleuthing @tbdevon123, and thanks for filling us in and letting the Community know what you learned!

Those weather apps can be a mixed blessing! I once installed my local TV channel’s weather app and had it set up to alert me for severe weather. I awoke in the middle of the night to the voice of our local weatherman telling me there was a tornado warning. In my sleepy state, I was far more concerned with why the weatherman was in my bedroom, than the tornado warning!

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