How do I subscribe to a community topic


I’ve looked … I’ve searched … I am overlooking the way one can subscribe to a post and receive notifications to a specific topic that I have read, but not participated in.

How do I “subscribe” to a topic?


Near the bottom of the post (just before the recommended treads) is a button that will have 1 of 4 display
1 watching - one is notify of every new response
2 tracking - total new post count is shown and notified on reply to your post and of @ mentions
3 normal - only be notified when @ mentions
4 muted - no notifications from post


Thanks … I had seen the “Normal” button at the bottom, but it had never occurred to me that it was actually a button with other options associated with it.

In any other forum/community I have ever participated in I have never had a problem with finding the “subscribe” option. I also don’t recall every having an option of “watching” instead of “subscribe.” Learn something new every day.

I’m sure that this was covered in a tutorial I went through, initially, but I couldn’t find the tutorial either.


also can do it, here:

You mean the welcome post highlighted at the top of the forum. Welcome to the Republic Wireless Community


I actually was thinking of the Discobot private message tutorial … but once I found that and looked through it again, I don’t believe it was there, or perhaps I never finished the tutorial since I had a problem with it at one point.

I did read the pinned Welcome Post before posting and missed it. I see now that it under “Preferences” while I would have been focused on “Notifications.”

Thanks for pointing out the option that I never noticed on the right side of the screen. No matter how much we try to explore, there are always things that just don’t grab our attention. Even when we find them once, we can’t always remember where we found them when we try again later. Maybe I will be able to remember for the next time. :slight_smile:


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