How do I suspend Autopay and lapse service

Want to get off Auto pay so I can temporarily lapse my Republic service.

Thought that would happen automatically, since the card I have on file shows 2016 expiration date.

System took Payment again on 2-22-17 anyway.

Could not even delete the card from my account, only replace it, and don’t see anyway to get off auto pay.

Can you help? Have been a long time happy member of Republic nation.


Republic only has auto pay option, and does not have a lapse in service option (you either have service or you cancel and lose your number)

Billing & Payments

You can suspend your service, but you will still need to pay your monthly bill. The only way to completely stop payments is to cancel your service, and if you do not move your phone number to another active line somewhere, you will lose your number.

If you wish to cancel service you can follow these steps:

Hi @ronaldj.kghcsp,

There is no way to get off auto-pay. It’s a requirement of service. There’s also no way to temporarily lapse or suspend service. You may cancel service now then reactivate at a later date but doing so will lose your phone number unless you move it elsewhere first.

If you wish to cancel service, please see here: Cancel My Republic Service. If you wish to hold on to your current number, please let us know which phone you have.

Some credit cards will allow transactions beyond the expiry on recurring subscription type of transactions to avoid potential disruption of service.

Since there are no long term contracts with RW…easiest option is to cancel your service. Note that it will also cause you to lose your phone number.

Cancel My Republic Service

Thanks to you and others who responded.

Since I have transfered my number to another carrier–I can come back to Republic and start over with the same number.

Was hoping I could leave it on hold and simply make a payment to reactivate.

Republic is a great carrier–just have special needs (want to use phone as Wifi Hotpot) in an area of spotty Sprint coverage

Thanks again

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