How do I switch from Refund plan to My Choice plan?

I recently upgraded from a Moto X4 on a My Choice plan to a Moto G Power.

I still have one phone on my account, a Moto G (1st gen), that’s using the Republic Refund plan.

I want to convert the Refund plan to a My Choice plan using the X4 and transfer the number. I’ve been digging through this site trying to find a step-by-step guide and think it’ll go something like this:

  • Activate the X4 using the RW app which will somehow allow me to create a new My Choice plan on my account.
  • Transfer the number.
  • Deactivate the Refund plan.

Does this cover it? Do I have to do anything with the SIM cards or is that not necessary since I bought the X4 from RW?


All three of your dots are the same step. When you activate the new phone, as long as you login to your existing Republic account, you’ll be given the option to move your number to the new phone. When you select that option you’ll then have to choose from the new plan and as soon as you complete the process you’re on the new plan, the old phone is turned off, the new phone is turned on, and the plans are changed. One step, all your goals completed.


Thanks for the confirmation! I was able to do all three steps from the RW app while setting up the X4.

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