How do I switch my photos from moto e 2 gen to moto g


I don’t know how to move my photos from one phone to the next. I had a moto e 2 gen now I have a moto g4


I recommend you back them up to the cloud via Google Photos app (free) and then you can download them to the new phone or just access them from the cloud when needed


If you want to stay away from Google… you can choose to connect the phone to your computer over USB…transfer the photos over to your computer…and then load them into your G4. The G4 lacks a Gallery app…so you will have to use a 3rd Party app…if you don’t want to use Google Photos App.


If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can back up unlimited number of photos “for free” (not really free, since you have to be a Prime member). No limits or strings attached.

Otherwise, connect your device to a PC and do the ol’ copy/paste.

Good luck.


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