How do I tranfser APPLICATIONS to my MOTO G5+?

OK, the pictures and the phone numbers have migrated. However, several much-used applications have NOT made the trip. The migration application that came with my new phone switched back and forth between two things I could ask my old phone to do – NEITHER OF WHICH OPTION ACTUALLY WORKED.

Open the Google Play store and tap the menu icon ( :menu: ) and go to My Apps and Games, tap the Library and all you apps can be downloaded from there

just for reference How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone


drm186 gave the best advice. It’s my experience that restoring a backup from a legacy phone to a 3.0 migrates system settings from the custom Republic Wireless ROM to a factory unlocked ROM, introducing foreign settings to new phones, which commonly cause many problems that can only be resolved by a factory reset and set up as a new device.

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OK – this worked for several of my applications, but NOT That’s a bummer.

Thanks, Hrothgar. I feel better – my older phone is five years or so older!

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You’re welcome. It’s quite the feeling to upgrade but to be unsure of how to retain your important data and apps. Did you find the missing app in the Play store under your library?

Hi @thomass.jfuu3j

As @hrothgar mentioned, there are a bunch of Runtastic apps in the Google Play store. Here is a link to them:

Which one(s) are you wanting to use and what happens when you try to download it/them, please?

Hi @thomass.jfuu3j

Are you looking to just get the Runtastic app on your new phone or are you also looking for the old data within the Runtastic app? As the other have said, you can always install the app again on your new phone.

However, installing it again directly from the store may or may not restore your old data depending on a couple of factors.
Google does provide app data backup but not all apps are set up to use it.
Runtastic may be backing up the data onto their servers so all you need to do is log in with the same username for it to sync over.

If neither are true, you can double check if the app has an export and import function for your history.
One last option to try which may or may not work is an all called Helium - App Sync and Backup which uses some tricks to attempt to copy the app from one phone to another.

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