How do I transfer contact data and notes from a Moto 3G to a Galaxy S9?


Thinking of buying Galaxy S9 but worried about tansferring all data on my Moto 3G. Hopefully there is a simple solution, Thanks


this blog post covers how to do this (most of this should be synced to your google account and transfer automatically)


Here is a simple solution provided by Samsung:


Thanks. So I get the new phone and sign into my google account and the new phone will sync? I’ll still have the old phone and I also have a Chromebook with the contact info,




Yes, when you get the new phone and sync it to your Google account, that will move your contacts over. It will also move your Gmail over as well as access to Drive and Photos.


as long as the the phone is set up to sync with the Google account it should just work for contacts
depending on where notes (sheets/docs/keep?) are they should also transfer
one does need to set up the pictures backup with the Google Photo app

I do recommend reading the full blog as it’s detailed base on common asked questions




Thank you!!!


your welcome


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