How do I transfer contacts from our other moto g 4

We just got two Moto G 4s. We just started Republic. Had all the transfers of contacts done from old phone. Had to do a hard reset and lost contacts. How do I get them from one Moto G 4 to the other?

Usually they are tied to your Google account. Once you put that back in, the backup system should automatically restore them unless you had that turned off prior to your hard reset. Otherwise, if you still have your old phone, you could probably transfer them again.

Hi @anned.zegbk1

If you aren’t using Gmail I strongly recommend switching to it. Moreover, I recommend NOT sharing an email address with your SO. Once Gmail is set up on each phone you can work with your contacts from your computer and they will automatically sync to the phones. It is also easy to send a shared contact from one phone to another.

Should you choose to do this your on-line contacts will be here:


If you still need help, you can temporarily pair your phones together via bluetooth and transfer all your contacts that way.

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