How do I transfer Contacts & photos from Motog(3) to a Motog (4)?

How do I transfer my Contacts & photos from a Moto G (3rd gen) to a MotoG (4thgen)? My contacts and Photos are not in my Google account.


Hi @warreng.7qppoq!

Do you happen to know where your contacts are stored (since they aren’t stored in you Google account)? Maybe a 3rd party contacts app? I would recommend checking: Just to make sure they aren’t there. Generally, if you are signed into your Google account and use the “Contacts” app, when you add a contact, it automatically syncs. If your contacts are not there, I would recommend a third-party contact backup app like this one (My Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play). That one should do the trick. Hope that helps!


They are only in my MotoG (3)

What exactly do you mean? Would you mind telling me which app your contacts are stored in? Thanks!


My contacts are only in my phone

OK. So the website didn’t show anything? Where are the contacts stored on your phone? Is there a specific app you use that stores them or do you use the built in “Contacts” app?

The built in Contacts

OK. Are you signed into a Google account on your phone? If so, go to the “Accounts” tab in settings and go to your Google account. Once you are into your Google account, select the email associated with your account and make sure that the “Contacts” option is selected. Once it is selected, click the 3 vertical dots and tap “Sync Now.” Then navigate to the website I shared earlier and check if they appear. Just an added note, make sure you are signed into the same account in chrome as you are on your phone.

It says it’s synced. What was that website againplease?

The contacts are in the computer now, thank you. Do I do the same for the photos?

Hey there!

Sorry for the late reply! I was out and about with no WiFi. I would check Google Photos (Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find ). They should be automatically backed up. Let me know if they are there or not!


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