How do I transfer info from old Moto e2 to new Moto g4?

Hey, I’m trying to switch over to my new Moto G4 from my old Moto E2. It wants me to select “set up nearby device” on my old phone under settings, but I can’t find it at all. It’s not where it should be or anywhere else and I’m going crazy. It won’t let me skip this process either, when I hit the skip button it just keeps loading

Much of what you have on you E2 will be restored to the G4 when you log into your Gmail account. This includes Contacts, Calendar, and Photos (if you used the Photos app on your E2). If you didn’t use Photos on your E2 it isn’t to late to do that since the E2 continues to work as a tablet.

Google doesn’t back up your Messaging threads. If they are important to you there are apps in the Play Store that can be used to backup your messaging threads from the E2 and restore them to the G4.

Is there some other data that we can help you move?

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