How do I transfer music and Kindle Books to External SD storage? Moto X4


How do I transfer things like Kindle books or music to my SD card? Or will the card just automatically start being used by the phone for data?

Thanks! I’m a total newbie when it comes to this.

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Hi @sallyp.3g8mum,

Can you help us understand where the Kindle books and music you want to have end up on the SD card currently reside?

  • Are they saved in internal memory on the same Moto X4 that you want to add the SD card to?
  • Are they on a different phone or tablet?
  • Are they on a computer?


They are on the internal memory.

As I get more photos, ebooks, audiobooks and download music I don’t know if I’m normally supposed to direct it to the SD card (like you would a different drive in a computer) or if it will go there automatically as it’s just considered part of the phone memory that’s available.


I would use a file management type app to move the files (though the program that put them on the internal drive should also have the ability to put them on the SD card directly within their settings/options)
as for which app I use for file management is

but any file manager that does push adds would work
Google Play file Manager search


For the existing content that you have on the phone, you’ll need to use a file manager app like @drm186 recommended to move the content to the SD card. You can also manage files on some phones from the Settings app’s “Storage” menu.

It’s important to also to check each app you use. For example, when I open the Google Play Music app, I tap the three lines at top left :menu: to access the menu, then Settings. Scrolling down, I tap Storage location and can then select the SD card. Don’t overlook this kind of option in any app that stores content - even Google Maps allows you to select the SD card as the storage location for maps that you store on the phone.


Southpaw, that is so helpful! I’ll have to do some research to find out how to direct my Kindle books and Audible audiobooks there as well, as it’s not in their settings as far as I can tell. Thank you!


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