How do I transfer my text messages from my G4 to my G7

Hi, I just purchased a new G7. I was on a G4. How do I transfer voice mail and texts to my new phone. I did install Republic anywhere but it did not transfer any messages over.

Here’s some advice on this:

My contacts and photos did get transferred but not text or voice mail messages.

Yes, texts don’t move automatically which is why I provided the above link which provides advice on moving your text messages.

Any voicemail saved on the system would still be there when you dial-in to the voicemail system (by holding down “1”). Any local voicemail, meaning visual voicemail on your phone, won’t transfer to the new phone.

I must be a dunce because I can’t seem to make SMS backup work.

Android Central has a good write-up (with screen shots), of how to use SMS backup.


Thanks you so much both of you! I guess I just don’t have patience which my wife will verify. It took over night to get the messages transferred.

Again, thank you!


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