How Do I Transfer Text Messages & Call Log to New Moto X4


We have a very similar issue. My wife’s Moto G4 screen was destroyed so we purchased a new MotoX4 from Best Buy. The sales person took the sim card from the G4 and put into the X4. Almost everything worked immediately. Except text messages. She moved to Republic anywhere about a year ago and uses text history almost daily. However, she now only has 30 days of history. Where did they go? RW has worked to help us restore them but to date has not come up with a solution. How can they be on one phone and not another.
Also, RW says the old sim G4 sim will not work in the X4 but it is working fine. Should I get a new sim card from RW? What difference will we see?
Very frustrating since she moved to republic anywhere to avoid an issue like this.


Precisely because text messages are stored on one’s phone, that’s the only place they’ll be unless one takes proactive steps to back them up. Unfortunately, text messages are not among the things backed up to one’s Google (Gmail) account.

Republic Anywhere is not and never was intended to be a backup utility for text messages. Rather, Anywhere is intended to allow one to use their Republic number to exchange text messages using multiple devices. What’s on one device is not mirrored to other devices nor does Republic store text message content on their servers past 30 days. That Republic stores the last 30 days of text message content on its servers is why Anywhere was able to retrieve that much. Beyond that, short of expensive forensic recovery (think hundreds of dollars) from the broken phone text message content older than 30 days is lost.

To avoid a similar unfortunate experience in the future, you might consider installing third party software that does backup text message content. Many here use this app for that purpose:

I’m not certain why someone at RW would definitively suggest this as it may or may not be the case. A Republic GSM SIM will move from a G4 to an X4. A Republic CDMA SIM would not. I think you’ll find the SIM in question is GSM and that’s why your wife’s phone service is working. Presuming I’m correct, there is no need to obtain a new SIM. Here’s how to confirm the SIM is GSM: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.


I actually used the SMS Backup & Restore to transfer my text messages, call log & all my messages were restored to my new Moto X4. I also use anywhere which only store the past 30 days but the messages app on the phone has all my past text. So if I need to look back I just go the the messages app. I had trouble transferring my photo albums that were on gallery to upload to google pictures & finally figured that out… Rough start with this new phone, I sure hope the upgrade is worth it.


I hope after these initial hurdles, the X4 works out well for you… I just upgraded to an X4 from an X3…and it’s been working really well so far.

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Transferring seemed to be so much easier with the older phones with migrate. I was just hoping the transition would go a little easier. I do wish the home screen was a little more customizable, the default size is kinda small & large to to big. Do you know if there are any apps to be able to have more size choices? Also my emails are not giving me sound notifications, I haven’t figured that one out yet.

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