How do I transfer TEXT messages to WORD or other software (save & print) phone is Moto E 2nd XT1526



How do I transfer TEXT messages to WORD or any other software that can be saved and printed


I am not sure of any way to do this directly and easily. Maybe a third party app can do this function?

You can highlight each text, and copy then paste each message into a text doc on the the phone, then export that file form the phone to Google Drive or such.

You could install Republic Anywhere on your PC and that will sync the last 30 days of messages. You can then copy and paste the text in each message from that into Word or such.
Google Messages app also as a Web page access feature that may allow you to copy paste message, maybe even print from your browser.

For any message I want to savvea record of, I take screen shots on the phone, and the images are treated just like my normal camera images, and auto upload to Google Photos.


There are numerous 3rd party apps that can do this. The one that I’ve tried is this one:
Although it has been a bit of time since I tried it.

These other apps are well rated:
and are well rated.


Thanks…lots of help…used last option-app…worked great Jeff


Thanks for your help…used an app option worked great thanks Jeff

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