How do I turn OFF the security PIN?

Hi, I have a MotoG with android v 5.1. I turned on the security lock PIN and entered one. Now I want to turn it off and I can’t. By “off”, I mean I don’t want to have to keep entering my PIN. There is no on/off slider button or anything. Thanks!

You will need to go to phone Settings, Security and Screen lock. Enter your lock code, choose None and it will be off.

“None” and “Swipe” are grayed out.

Then you have an app requiring a minimum sercuity level [Android pay, exchange email account]

Same problem here. How do I determine what app requires minimum security level? I do not have Android Pay or Exchange email. This is very confusing. I don’t understand how/why an app has this control and I don’t understand how/why we can’t easily determine which app it is and how to disable/uninstall it. Can someone please explain this to me? My brother is on Verizon and he has the exact same problem and he doesn’t have either of the above mentioned apps on his phone either.

I have to assume that Republic does not have a method to determine what app, if any, is asking for a higher security level, thus resulting in being unable to stop the PIN madness. Is that correct?

Does any information at the following link help? It’s a bit dated, but the procedure is similar (not identical) between Android versions.

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