How do I turn on my data on moto g6 play?


I buy 1 Gig of data so I can turn it on when I need it. I can’t figure out how to turn it on and off on my new Moto G6 play


Here’s where you find it in Android Settings. You get to that by going to Settings then More then Cellular Networks. This should ALWAYS be left on.

If you want to turn off data when not using it you should do that by enabling Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless App.


With Republic, you should always have your Android mobile data setting turned ON since the system needs data (even if you don’t have a data plan.)

In Android settings, under Network & Internet, Data Usage, there’s a switch for Mobile Data. Be sure that’s always on.

To turn Republic billable data on and off (which is what I do) go to the Republic app, settings, data tools, and turn “Data Freeze” on and off. This will keep the Android cellular data going, but will control your purchased data. When data freeze is on, you won’t be billed for data used by the system.

If you two-finger swipe from the top of the Android screen and scroll to the right, there’s a icon labeled “Republic” and pressing it will ask you if you want to turn data off. Don’t do this because it will turn the system data off that Republic needs. Strange, isn’t it? Use the Data Freeze function in the Republic app instead.

One more thing. If you are new to purchasing data, you should know that unused data will not be carried over after your billing date. Use it or lose it.


Hi @leannep.pdwqap,

Here’s our Help Article specific to your question:

Please let us know if there’s something specific that’s not working.


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