How do I UNDO the latest update?


What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy J7

What plan are you on? 1GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB data

Issue Description

OK, updated the Republic app because the spam blocker sounded nice. How do I undo it? It has buggered up EVERYTHING. I no longer have distinctive ring/alert tones. When I go into my contacts, it wants me to change everything to where MY contacts, my ‘events’, my history, etc are all UPLOADED to the internet - I don’t WANT my data out there any more than I absolutely have to. All of the customization I made to my contacts and tones has disappeared, including the pictures associated with each contact. And, the settings where I would assign unique tones and pictures are gone.

CHANGE IT BACK!! I don’t like this at all.


No a single one of the things that you mentioned is controlled or touched by the Republic App. Those are entirely controlled by the Samsung software on the phone. That being said, your phone is a smart phone that is meant to sync with Google. In order to download the update, you would have signed in to a Google account (which is the way the phone is meant to work). Because of this the phone is now asking to backup your information to Google.


If it isn’t to do with the update, why did that change things? I had everything exactly the way I wanted it. I upgraded/updated the Republic app, and now nothing is what it was. How is it NOT the republic app that made the changes??


You use an Android phone that requires a Google Account on it inoder to function.
Your contacts are always synced to Google, as far as I know.
The Terms and Conditions that you must agree to inorder to even setup the phone initially tells you what data is sent to Google. The same applies to any 3rd party app.

If you have an issue with your personal data being sent to companies, then you should not use a smartphone. There are still a few companies that support and sell “dumb” phones or flip phones.



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