How do I update android security patch level on moto 4

We have Moto4. Talk and Text. The $15.00 a month plan.

My husband and I have outdated android security patches. His is 2017 and mine is Feb 2019. I click on system update and is says "Your device software is up to date. Where do I update the security patch?

Issue Description

Settings–> System–> Advanced–> System Updates–>
My device is up to date
Moto X4
Android ver: 9
Current ver: PPWS29.69-39-2-1
Security patch level: May 1, 2019

I have settings-system-no advanced.

Is there another way on the Moto e4?

If I do settings-system-about phone-system updates, it says my device’s software is up to date.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

You’ll want to try removing his SIM card, then checking for the update. It’s a special trick just for the E4.

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My husband’s build number is 26.69-27, When I removed his SIM card, and then tapped System updates it says your device’s software is up to date.

My build number is 26.69-64-17.

Both won’t update.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

Here’s an article with step-by-step instructions for your husband’s phone. You may have to try more than once.

Your phone is up to date. The 26.69-64-17 build is the latest we have for the Moto E4.

Somehow I first read a Moto X4. Sorry my eyes are playing tricks on me.

I know what Southpaw meant, but just to be clear, 26.69-64-17 is the latest version anyone, on any carrier, has when using a factory unlocked Moto E4.

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