How do I update my phone?


How do I update my phone?

Republic Anywhere Update: Version 1.1.8

You’ve added a comment on to a thread regarding the RWA App. Are you referring to this app on your phone? If so: Republic Anywhere Update: Version 1.1.8


The Android version is what I was inquiring about. New version still not compatible with Windows 7 Enterprise.


I’ve moved this question to its own thread.


Can you tell me what model phone you have? Go to Settings – About Phone. What does it say for Model and Android Version?


Actually after rereading this and a bit of a knock in the head by @rolandh I believe my previous answer was likely correct. The Android version number is different. See the link above.


yes, I have the Android version previously mentioned. It would be nice if
all the versions matched and if I could run the program on my computer at


It is unusual for version numbers to be matched. Look at something like iTunes. The windows and mac versions have different numbers. As Republic currently has 4 versions (Windows, Mac, Android & Linux) and will soon have 6 versions, which each being updated separately, there’s really no way to keep version numbers harmonized.


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