How do I update the build number on the new Samsung J3 to the correct build number to put it on my Republic Account?

The build number updated on my J3 but it is still not the correct one. I even bought the sim card from you guys and it says it is an invalid sim. Please tell me what I need to do to update it so that I can bring this phone to your plans. Thank you.

Hi @karins.x6hxc7,

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Before determining if your Samsung Galaxy J3 will update to Republic’s supported build, we need to verify you have the correct model. There are multiple J3 models. Only the North American factory unlocked variant will work. Please tell us what is said at Settings -> About device -> Model number?

I’ve got a Samsung J3 AT&T phone, can I unlock it? J320A, Build number NMF26X.J320AUCU3BQI5, can I unlock this to get Republic service?

The AT&T variant is not compatible with Republic. You need the North American unlocked version. This link will give you details as to which phones are compatible. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

You will need to ensure you purchase the correct model number and build number for the J3.


Thank you, so it’s not even unlockable? It’s about the wrong build? I’m going to assume so.

No carrier version, of any phone, will work with Republic, regardless of its locked or unlocked status.

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