How Do I "Upgrade" From Moto E to Moto G3 And Keep The Moto E Number?


I’m getting overwhelmed and frustrated trying to find the info I’m looking for and apparently I can’t find it.

My mom’s phone is about to die (battery kaput). It’s a Moto E. I’m thinking about getting a new phone for myself and giving her my old Moto G3. How do I go about “re-activating” the G3 on her number? Both phones are on the old $10 a month plan.

Any help will be greatly appreciated because I’m totally lost here.


One the Moto G3 has been deactivated [by you upgrading to a new phone and moving the line to it done during it’s activation]
One would simply walk though activation via the Republic app [logging in to the new user Republic account and selecting the Moto E line ]
Best practice for someone else using the phone is to factory reset before reactivating to make sure old user date is removed

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