How do I upgrade?


I am a customer I just want to update my phone to a Moto x4 how do I order and put it on my account


Hi @vernt.hj7raj

Upgrading is easy with Republic, or at least it should be.

First you need to get your Moto X4. You can buy it from the Republic Wireless store and everything should be shipped to you ready or you can get the unlocked phone elsewhere and also make sure to get a Republic Wireless SIM card. (The BYOB sim is GSM while the Republic Wireless store will give you the network best for your zip code area)

Once you get your phone, you will activate it with Republic Wireless. Just follow the steps, log in and when asked, select Upgrade your existing line (rather than get a new number)


You haven’t stated your current phone or plan so I’ll include both upgrade from a legacy device and newer 3.0 phones


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