How do I use the Zoom app?

I need to video chat with my doctor. How do that on my phone, a Galaxy J7? She is using Zoom, probably on a laptop. So I need to use Zoom, too.

Also, how do I video chat, informally with friends? Not using Zoom.


Hi @mwc
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Here is a link explaining Zoom on Android:

You can download it here in the Google Play Store:

Normally to video chat with people (friends, doctors…) you need to be on the same “Platform” as they are. That is why your doctor is asking you to use Zoom. You can video chat with other Zoom users, but not non-Zoom users. The same is true for other video chat platforms like Google Duo.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate your responding with the basics. That’s what I needed.


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