How do I use up my min. already paid for if I plan to cancel?

What phone do you have? defy

What plan are you on? 1st

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

hi, I am trying to cancel my plan and I just saw that my billing dates are the 28th of each month, what date then do I need to get online here and press, 'cancel service' to use up what I have already been billed for? thank you

This online community can not access anything about your account or billing info.
Here is info how to access the account portal.

Is there any reason or issues as to why u wish to cancel your service?
The community here may be able to help you.

Or are you trying to change your plan, not cancel service?

If there is a coverage issue, RW has 2 network partners. Switching to the other may help if needed.

If u wish to full Cancel your service, here is how:


Congrats on being able to use the Motorola Defy for as long as you have (not many of those are left in service)

the Beta Plan does not have a minutes counter as it unlimited,

Just a note that if you deactivate the phone (Cancel your service) the Defy can not be reactivated on Republic or any other service (it would become a mini WiFi tablet only)

Also Note cancelling the service will release the number (you will lose it unless you take action to port it out (which will in itself cancel the line)

in the past there been prorated refunds on canceling service for the beta phones not sure if this is still the case (as it been awhile and I not seeing it in the help documents)

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There are no refunds when canceling service.

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