How do I use Voice Commands?

I found a document online describing voice commands for the Moto E (Using Voice Command ), but I do not find it in my settings on the phone; maybe it is for non-republic moto Es. Does our phones have the feature and how do I use it? I tried Moto Assist but it does not seem to have the capability, and I looked under google settings.

If it does not come with the phone, is there an app that would work well with the phone? I would like to have the phone go to silent mode by voice (the “no interruptions” when I press the volume up or down). Also, is the no interruptions mode the same as silent? I am assuming I would still receive text messages but the phone would not make a noise. I could not find information on these features in the manual either.

Check out the Moto Help which is factory loaded on all E/G/X’s … Settings/Apps (it will look like a big Blue ?) … this provides device specific help

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for with your Moto E, but have your tried:

  • Activate your phones screen and unlock if locked. (Will not work if Moto E is asleep)
  • Say “OK Google” Then issue a command, or ask a question

I wasn’t able to find the command to deactivate a ringer by voice only, it always opened the volume settings window.

Here are some examples of commands to try:“Ok Google…how do you work?”

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