How Do Members Retain Their Beta Discount(s)?


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An eligible member will receive a 10% discount on their monthly plan for the life of their Republic service line, no matter what phone they have.

What’s RW definition Republic service line?

I would have thought it would follow a members phone number if they asked to have it swapped to another phone. Apparently if a phone is activated as a new line then a number swap is requested the discount will not move to the phone line of choice. Subsequently if the less desirable phone is deactivated the discount may be lost without intervention by Support. Found this out after a recent experience with a support ticket and it had happened during a previous number swap. Thankfully support reinstated my small Beta Discount.

Is there a standard procedure members need to be aware of to follow if they want to keep the discount when a number swap is requested? Should a swap request include a request to keep number/line together to ensure members don’t lose their Beta Discount?

Thank you.


Under “normal” operations and procedures, all you have to do is keep on using the replace phone option during upgrades and not the new line option. This ensures that the service line moves from one phone to the next without interruption.

A number swap as the name implies is just swapping numbers on active service lines while the service lines themselves stay the same. If a number swap is needed, support can help out with additional steps as you found out.


what would the steps be to ensure that the discount gets applied. Currently, when buying a new phone and showing the 3.0 plans i see no discount. Is it when i get the new phone i have to do something to replace the old phone?


Yes, when you receive and activate your new phone, you will be presented with the option to choose that you are a current republic wireless member. You will sign into your account and then choose to replace/upgrade your present line of service. After activating the new phone with your phone number, your old phone will be deactivated.


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