How do we get started?

@southpaw I know that this beta just started and you mentioned that an engineer would push an update to our phone. How do we know we have the update and what we need to do to test this new feature out? Or is more information coming in the following days?

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Hi @Attereb,

It’s a great question, and I am delighted to see your eagerness to get going!

We’re still receiving applicants at a pretty good pace, so I’d like to take just a few days to get those processed and send a nice, long list of service lines to our engineers to updated in one batch, rather than sending them over a few at a time, constantly interrupting the engineers from other work.

Once the Orion WiFi feature has been enabled for our participants, I’ll send a private group message to the entire Beta group, letting everyone know, and we’ll share a location map privately at that time. We’ll ask that you keep the location map confidential. Some of the companies participating would appreciate the honor of making their own announcements (or not) about their involvement in Orion WiFi.

Many of you won’t have an Orion WiFi location nearby. That’s ok. New locations will be added over time, and in the meantime, we’re going to do some thinking about how we all use WiFi and cellular data and how this feature would (or wouldn’t) change those behaviors.

If you haven’t already done so, everyone can check out the podcast that @cbwahlstrom shared in Google Partners with Republic Wireless for Orion WiFi Service.


Thanks for the update. understand. standing by.


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