How do we make my husband's phone have only one number?

My husband broke his Moto x and after buying a new phone and transferring the sim card, the phone has two operating numbers. [numbers redacted]. How do we fix the situation so that the phone has only one number? Thank you. [name redacted]

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First off let’s see if we can get the RW staff to hide personal info of yours in a public forum. Let’s confirm some other detailed info. What is the exact new phone and the old phone. This may help with determining the Sim card issue. You list a 608 area code, a 901 area code and a 607 area code, which number do you want?

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All Republic phones have two numbers. Are you seeing the numbers other than just knowing they’re there? In other words, when you call someone, do they see the correct number?

Depending on the phone he has the necessary 2nd phone number might be visible because he is using the wrong Messaging app. Please tell us which phone he has and where you are seeing the 2nd number.

Hello, we want the 607 number. The new phone is a Samsung galaxy J3.

He couldn’t fix the Moto x.

The phone number is recorded on caller ID when he makes an outgoing call. And the non-607 number is the phone’s number in settings.

Thank you.

Try this, open the dialer and enter ##8647## then hit the call button. It will quickly clear off the screen. Then, restart the phone. Does the right number now show?

Yes, that did work. The correct number came through when he called me.

So, you’re good to go?

Yes, we are. Thank you.

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