How do we move our RW numbers to new RW phones?


My current provider is Republic Wireless. We have had our phones for two years through Republic with a Moto G (1st generation). Can we transfer our phone number from our current phone to a new phone through Republic Wireless? Thanks.


Yes, when you activate a new phone with Republic Wireless you are presented with the option to replace an existing phone. When you take that option the number transfers and the phone being replaced is deactivated.


You certainly can with ease. Transfer of numbers is now normally done during the activation process and no longer given as an option during ordering. Activate | Republic Wireless Once you get your new phone(s) and begin there a step asking if you’d like to activate with a new # or as a replacement for another phone/line. The phone replaced is then deactivated, it can be reactivated in the future if desired as long as it’s not a Defy which in your case with G1s not an issue for you.