How do you cancel a recent order and change



I want to cancel a recent order and repurchase the same products under a different credit card

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You normally cannot cancel a recent order unless the item is on backorder. How to Cancel an Order That Is Back-Ordered – Republic Help


Hi @brandonv.kjfety
A ticket with support would have to be made to return the unopened phone package Republic Help The order can’t be cancelled just returned…The shipping charge will not be refunded…
Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help

The new purchase can be done through the RW store at anytime.


It appears that your request doesn’t exactly meet the criteria for a ‘normal cancel’ … as it is an exception I would open a ticket with Republic Help and see if they can make an adjustment to the card being billed. Probably not but it’s worth a shot


It’s no longer necessary to open a support ticket.

Member’s can log into their account and see the the New Purchase in the Orders & Payments section. Once there they should see item(s) eligible for return. Once an item is chosen they will receive a link for printing a return shipping label.

This could be worth a shot because the using the normal procedure it’s likely be a couple of weeks before you see the credit to your CC account and no refund of the original shipping charges.



Do you have documentation on this? I don’t see any at this time but the link I posted.


No documentation in my hands. It’s been mentioned several times by @southpaw and others in replies to other topics over the last year. I did not search for a Support Documents prior to replying. The practical experience I had a couple hours ago to set up the return of a device convinced me there is a procedure that had been set up to simplify returns.

Here you go.



Basically the same link I sent. How about letting things alone and trying to be absolutely right Did you even click on my link?

Refund amounts


We’ll refund the cost of the phone, taxes and monthly plan charges if applicable (initial shipping is non-refundable) you paid upon joining Republic, minus any charge backs accrued from items missing or damaged from your return. Missing or damaged items will result in a deduction from your refund amount according to the list below.

If you purchased the phone using Affirm’s consumer financing offering, we will communicate with Affirm that you have returned the phone and refund the purchase price of the phone to Affirm. You will still be responsible to Affirm for any shipping costs you financed and any accrued interest owed Affirm. Missing or damaged items will result in a deduction of the refunded amount according to the list below and you will remain responsible to Affirm for the remainder of your outstanding balance on the phone as well as any shipping costs you financed and any accrued interest owed Affirm. For any other questions related to your rights and obligations with Affirm, you should contact Affirm directly at


Yes II did click on your link.

A Support ticket as you suggested would just be an additional step. It would waste the member’s and Support’s time/effort.



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Thank you both for working so hard to try to make sure our members get the answers they need. Please try not to let your passion for helping our members create tension between you.

I think this Help Article would be specific to this situation:


I’m sorry there’s not a method to cancel an order once it has been processed. If there is something I can do to help with this return-and-re-order process, please let me know.


Based on this community discussion, the Republic team has created a specific Support Document that address the question you raised with the community


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