How do you change a plan if you don't have the phone?


how do you change plans on a computer if you don’t have access to the phone.

Changing plans on a newly ordered Moto E

Hi @darrickp.i4sb1a,

Are you asking about a newly purchased phone that has not yet been activated, as @ckh described?


No an existing phone plan. on a phone already activated.


Do you have a different Republic Wireless phone available? And which phone is it whose plan you want to change?


yes I have mine phone, my wife would like to up her data to 4g, but she can’t do it from her phone. her phone keeps say data limit reached when ever she try’s. both phones are in my name.


Here are the official instructions:

You should be able to log in on your phone and select her phone line and change her plan. The exception would be if her phone is one of our new phones, but yours is an older one.

If you can’t change her plan, we can do it for you by support ticket.


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