How do you change some things about 5.0 plans?

A few questions about plans.

  1. If you create a plan and decide you want a different plan before activating a phone in it, how do you delete that plan, get a refund, and create the new plan? Answer from Roland: Contact support.

  2. If you try and fail to move your phone to a 5.0 plan how do go about closing the 5.0 plan and giving up? Answer: Contact support.

  3. If the first person (owner) in a 2-person plan dies can the survivor simply change the name, address, charge card, email address, contact phone number, password etc. to take over the plan? Answer from Roland: Yes. Consideration from Southpaw: Survivor must have account login credentials otherwise this must be handled by the estate’s executor.

To the best of my knowledge, you would need to “return” the plan purchased leveraging Republic’s money back guarantee, then purchase the desired plan. You wouldn’t have to wait for new SIM(s) to ship. The SIM(s) shipped as the result of the initial purchase could be used.

I’m uncertain what you mean by try and fail. The current process of moving a number from My Choice to 5.0 involves porting one’s number from Bandwidth (Republic’s number hosting partner for My Choice and previous plans) to AT&T (Republic’s number hosting and coverage partner for 5.0 plans). If the port fails and you didn’t wish to resolve that, you would need to ask to have the port cancelled and your plan purchase refunded.

Please note there is a better process for current members in the pipeline. That better process will allow for moving number(s) from My Choice to 5.0 from within existing Republic account, so long as those accounts have 2 or fewer lines of service.

I have a single line 5.0 account separate from the account housing my My Choice lines. The ability to edit the information you reference works the same as you are familiar with.

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Not that I’m planning to return anything but I can’t find a way to “return” in the account I created.

There are some examples here:

Presuming you’ve already ordered a plan, the lack of a return option in one’s online account is yet another bug. It’s not a feature. As with other bugs, it’s being worked on but there’s not yet a timeline for resolution. Meanwhile, one would need to contact support to arrange a “return”.

I’m familiar with the thread and believe I’ve even posted in it. Here’s the bottom line, the current process isn’t working well for those moving a Republic number from My Choice to 5.0 . Absent a critical need to do so, why would anyone potentially inflict that experience on themselves? The issues will get sorted and when that happens, that would be the time to consider moving from My Choice to 5.0.

I have set up one 5.0 line of service for testing purposes with a new number. Right now, that’s the most I would suggest a current member consider.

I agree with everything you have written but I’m asking the question on behalf of others who have already experienced this and using this thread to report what I also perceive to be a “Return” bug. Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinions.

Bill, these are more than my opinions. Republic is aware of the lack of return option bug and other bugs. They’re working on it. How do I know that? Ambassadors and Experts have the ability to communicate directly with Republic staff and always have.

Sadly, all those already impacted by one or more of the bugs associated with the rollout may do is work with Republic via the support options available to every Republic member. Asking the question on their behalf will not change that.

Sorry, after I read your first answer I wasn’t aware of the bug. Were you aware of the bug when you wrote that???

Yes, I was aware of the bug when I replied to you. I see it in my own account and it was first reported by a fellow Expert who noticed it in their account. The context of your initial question was unclear to me. In any event, my initial answer talks about a “return”. At no point, did I mention the “return” could currently be accomplished without contacting support.

OK, Great, we have the answer to the first question: Contact support.

@billg You’ve been around here long enough to know that the Experts & Ambassadors don’t make things up. If @rolandh is stating something it is either because he has personally tested it or because he was given the knowledge by an internal resource and was told that he can share it.

It gets tiresome, when you’re in that role and communicate something, to be questioned again and again. Tiresome enough that a lot of us (me included) give up, resign as ambassadors and largely walk away.

@rolandh I appreciate you taking the time to go back and forth on something like this rather than doing what I would have and simply walked away from the conversation.

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Me? I just wanted an answer to the question and the the back and forth gave me that. Can we at least agree on this?

@rolandh, I think that @billg is asking a same question that I have pondered the part few days: is there a point where we should (or even can) cut our losses and return to 4.0 or our previous carrier? If so, how do we do that?

I’m assuming that, being in the middle of a port, the answer is “no”. Fi already cancelled my account three days ago, and leaving Republic before my number is completely in their system would just cause more problems. Not looking for a confirmation, as the entire RW help team is pretty much overwhelmed, but a correction would be appreciated if appropriate.

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Hi @billg,

I’ve changed the title of your topic to highlight the fact that some of the things you’re asking about are temporarily difficult, but won’t remain that way. I don’t want anyone months down the road to think that all of these things require support intervention.

As to your 3rd question, you have oversimplified the answer. The survivor would have to know the account credentials in order to take such action. Our Help Team would not be able to transfer ownership of the account nor provide any account information without evidence of legal documentation to indicate that the survivor has become executor of the estate.

(Edited to add: I’ve re-titled this topic because it appears people thought it was the place to ask all questions.)

The reality is there isn’t a neat one-size fits all circumstances answer anyone inclusive of Republic staff can provide in Community. Though many of them may be failing for the same or similar reasons, each port is its own individual thing.

In your case, I note you mention Google Fi canceled your service quickly. So long as you didn’t proactively request Google Fi cancel your service, that suggests your port completed. Let’s try something. Without sharing your number, plug it in here: You are being redirected...

Who is the carrier?

I was curious what mine showed so I clicked the link you provided and entered my phone number. It says my carrier is bandwidth. What does that mean?

Hi @deshongj80 and welcome to the Community!

It means your number is still with Republic’s number hosting partner (Bandwidth) for My Choice and earlier plans.

If you’ve initiated a port to Republic’s new 5.0 plans, it has not yet completed. For anyone else seeing Bandwidth as the carrier, if you restore your old SIM to the phone, you should find you still have service.

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Thank you for clarifying that. My phone number is already in the process of transferring and was told I couldn’t go back to my 4.0, that the account was already closed. I am one of those customers stuck in limbo with a SIM card problem. Just curious, are we looking at days or weeks before this issue is fixed?

In all candor, I don’t know the answer to that.

What you were told about your old account being closed is inaccurate and, on Republic’s behalf, I apologize for that.

If you still have the old SIM, please try restoring it to your phone. Does the old SIM still have service?

… T-Mobile…

I’m confused. It also associates it with three emails, none of which are mine.

For what it’s worth, it says the same thing about my wife’s phone number, who is still with Fi. She even has the same three emails. However, Fi still shows my service as cancelled, though all I did was submit the port info via the RW activation portal.

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