How do you completely remove Anywhere from a device?



Soon as the anywhere App has a black or Dark theme…i can use it. White is just terrible on the eyes.

Is there a way to completely opt out of the Anywhere service and go back to the normal way of SMS/MMS works?
I uninstalled the app from my phone, and did deactivate device via the desktop app…is that all I need to do to revert to non- Anywhere service?

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Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

To best answer your question, it would help Community to know brand, model and (if applicable) generation of your Republic phone. May we know that?

Additionally, I’m going to move your post to the Questions & Answers section since you are asking a question.


I was on a Moto X Pure. Unlocked phone, not purchased at R.W.


With a Moto X Pure, presuming you’ve restored Android Messages as your phone’s default messaging app, you’ve already done all you should need to do. Republic’s 3.0 phones use data (WiFi or cell) to send and receive text messages regardless of the app being used. There is no charge beyond current monthly plan fees for cell data used for text messaging nor does such use count against any user purchased data for Internet use.


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