How do you remove the back of Moto e 2nd gen phone?

My phone got wet and I want to air it out. How do you get the back off from the Moto e 2nd gen phone?

You don’t. The back is not meant to come off. The best you can do is remove the Motorola Band (trim ring). The user manual is at…

***Remove the Motorola Band ***

*The Motorola Band and around the edge of your phone covers the SIM and memory card slots. Caution: don’t use tools to remove the Motorola Band—doing so may damage your phone. Put your finger in the bottom corner of the Motorola Band around the phone’s edge. Pry the Motorola Band off to expose the card slots. *

*Note: to replace the Motorola Band, align the top first, then match up the Power and Volume keys. Snap on the bottom then, press around the whole edge until the Motorola Band is in place. *

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