How do you remove the "OK Google" search bar from the opening screen?

While on a call, my 84 year old Mother accidentally turns on “OK Google” and it records everything she is saying during her conversation, then searches for it through Google search. I want it completely turned off and off the opening screen!

Anyone have a clue how to get rid of Google Search?

One needs to install a new launcher to replace the default one as the Google bar is part of that, you should be able to disable the voice command via the settings/language and input/Google voice type/OK Google detection

My suggestion is to put on a launcher that simplifies Android and can have the settings locked. I wrote a post a few years ago about this The Good Son’s Approach to Parental Tech Support. There are quite a few options for apps that do this. From my personal experience, it is well worth it.

Entirely correct presuming the phone in question is running the Google Now launcher to begin with. I think it’s worth noting Republic sells and supports phones (Samsung, Huawei) that don’t run the Google Now launcher by default. On these phones, it’s quite possible to remove the Google search bar if desired.

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