How do you switch to republic?


Hey There,

Does Republic Wireless allow you to transfer an existing line from Verizon Wireless? I would like to keep the same number and purchase a Moto6 off of amazon.

I am paying $60/month for 10gb on verizon :frowning:

Does anyone know the steps to do this?

In your opinion, What is the best republic wireless plan?


Before planning to transfer (porting) your number to Republic Wireless you should check to see if it can be transferred by checking at:

Once you have verified it can be transferred, the actual transfer can be accomplished by following the steps in the following document AFTER you’ve activated your phone with a Republic phone number: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help

As far as plans go, there is only 1 plan. You’ll find it here:


Do you actually need the 10GB?

On RW, you will pay $65 to get 10GB data per month ($15 base + $50 for 10GB of data)…so may not be a good fit for you.


If you login to Verizon’s website, you can determine your monthly cellular data usage, which may be much lower than 10gb/mo.

I remember that when I had Verizon, I was using my data plan even when I was at home and work, where I already had wifi…

There are ways to use much less than 10gb of cellular data while still having an awesome phone experience.


Thank you for your help. The reason for the switch is I am in the same boat. I have wifi everywhere now. The only exception is if I use google maps to find a new place.


You’re welcome. I’m glad that you’ve been researching your options because that education of weighing out pros and cons of a service can really save you money that you can put towards other things.

I spend around $23.50/mo including tax for unlimited talk and text and 1gb of cellular data from Republic Wireless. If I was switching from a $60/mo Verizon bill, my savings would be $36.50/mo, $438/year, or $876 in two years. To me personally, that’s significant savings.

Plus, I like being part of the RW community.

By the way, you might like to read this thread: Thanksgiving Challenge: Name 1 thing about Republic Wireless that you're thankful for

I personally like the plan I’m on, which is the best for me (the 1gb cellular data plan) . I have a variety of phones I can choose from, and surprisingly I rarely exceed 1gb of cellular data. I personally would recommend getting a phone that is CDMA & GSM compatible from the Republic Wireless store. (If you want to buy from another place, please read this: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone. It is my understanding that you get a phone shipped to you with GSM service if you buy it from Republic Wireless. However, I believe if you want to try out the CDMA service from RW instead of GSM, you’ll have that option without having to buy another phone.


Also, I should note that when you get a phone from RW, your # isn’t ported over the minute you turn on the phone. If I remember correctly, you’re able to use the RW device with a temporary #, and then you can do the port from Verizon to RW after you get a feel for the phone. I will have been with RW for 4 years in around March of next year. (Wow, I time flies so fast; I had to research to confirm that I’ve almost been with RW for 4 years). In the midst of the time I was with RW, I ported my number to Total Wireless for around 20-25 days, and I ported it back to RW with no problem. If I remember correctly, I ported my number from Cricket to RW with no problem when I first joined RW in 2015.


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