How do you transfer contacts from gen 1 phone to gen 4 phone


one has sim card the other does not.


Your contacts aren’t stored on SIM. Google has them here:

They will sync to your new phone when you log into your Gmail account during the activation process.


thanks biilg, I got some of them, do you know how to get pics out of cloud on new phone/ Thanks


If you have configured the Photos app to put your pictures in the cloud they will be here and also will be available from the new phone.

The same applies to your calendar. It is at


i fond them thanks bill, don’t know how to get them back into my phone, also old apps from old phone are gone, were they backed up as well? meaning ringtone mostly, thanks.


The Google Play store keeps track of the apps you get from the store. You can view them and select the ones you want to install on your phone. To do that, please open the Play store app on your phone.
Select the three bars in the upper left of the app screen and select "My apps & games"
Select “Library” to see all your apps.
Select the ones you want to download to your new phone.


thanks so much ill try it.


You’re welcome. Please be sure to do this while your phone is connected via WiFi :slight_smile:


Sorry for my delay in answering this (I’ve been on the road) and thanks to @johnny5 for clearing up the apps issue. Your old phone will still work as a tablet and your ringtones are still on it unless you performed a factory reset.

You can connect it to a USB port on your computer and copy the ringtones to a folder on your PC. Then you can connect your new phone and copy the ringtones from that folder to the ringtone folder on your new PC.




Thanks, but I did do a factory reset, LOL, oh well, thanks for all your


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