How do you unlock the moto x phone


Hi, I am quite sure I cannot make international calls from traveling in Europe back home to US wth my
Moto X phone BUT, do you know of an additional plan I can sign up for temporarily to add anything
to the service to be able to make calls for a 2 wk in Europe at all??

How about how do I unlock the phone so that I can buy a SIM Card to make calls that way?

Any help with answers to this please.



Which Moto X ? (1st, 2nd, Pure or X4)
if it’s the 1st or 2nd there is no unlocking them they are not compatible with any other provider due to the custom ROM need for Republic hybrid VOIP/Cell network in Android OS 5.1.1 and below
if a Moto X Pure or X4 they are already unlocked
Please see the following blog about international travel by @rolandh

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