How does a multi-line account move to the new plans?

Morning all! Just saw I had a lot better roaming coverage this morning and came to check the site and found the new plans dropped. As somebody with four phones on Republic I’m actually excited about the new unlimited plan as that would only be a slight bump in cost for my family. However I don’t see anything about how to switch four lines over. Further I’ve been told on r/RepublicWireless that there is currently no way to have four lines on the same plan. Is this right? I understand that costs go up and I have no issue paying a little bit more for unlimited data coverage. But if I physically cannot have my four lines on my plan then I may cut and run. That is a major issue for those of us with families. If it is just a misunderstanding or incorrect info from a former employee then sorry to get excited for nothing!

So can you clarify if I can move all four of my phones over to the new plan?


The new system accommodates 2 lines per account, so two accounts would be necessary for four lines. I’m curious as to why 2 accounts would be a big issue? They can have the same payment method, etc. Companies like Visible allow ONE line per account and there are lots of set-ups like that. Is having two logins such a major issue that it turns something that you think is a decent value in to something that makes you want to switch?

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Does that mean I get charged two separate times a month? My other issue is that I currently already have four lines with Republic and can manage them all in the same account. So that is rolling back a feature I already have. So yes, in my opinion that is a huge downgrade. I want to continue to have a single login to deal with all four lines, not have to deal with two logins and two payments. I already have so many services that I have to deal with that this is not at all helpful.

Do you see how that can be a problem for somebody?


Problem is a strong word in my opinion. Not ideal for some, but as @louisdi stated, mutliple accounts are possible to take advantage of the new unlimited plans at the new pricing.

I see how it can be an inconvenience. I view not being able to pay rent, or put food on the table as a problem. I view having to have a second log-in in my password manager, that auto-fills when I want to login, as perhaps an inconvenience. But hey, to each their own.

Responding with diminishing statements doesn’t help anybody, especially when the limitation on the new plans is completely arbitrary. Does anyone feel better that christopherp was told this limitation isn’t a problem? Do these diminishing statements convince christopherp that this limitation is not actually a problem? No, it made the whole thread uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

Look at the use of language here: words and phrases such as “huge downgrade” and “this is not at all helpful” followed by a request for empathy. Instead of granting that empathy, the response was equivalent to “Deal with it. You still have a house and a job.” Let’s agree to do better than that.

The restriction to two lines per account is a completely arbitrary business decision and not a technical limitation. Who made the business decision? And in effort to accomplish what result? Was a UX focus group tested with this change for the new plans? Who benefits from limiting accounts artificially? (support staff? statisticians? marketing staff?) These questions are all rhetorical and probably best left to the imagination…

For people with more than 2 lines on an account, changing to the new plans would at least double the effort to retrieve billing statements, at least double the effort to update/change payment, at least double the number of email addresses required (and everything associated with that, such as monitoring for important account-specific notifications), etc. Another problem is that it puts additional mental effort between someone experiencing a real problem and getting support: People are attached to their phones and get pretty frustrated when a phone stops working. Now that person needs to remember and correctly log into the right account when seeking support. With this limitation, can you imagine the additional frustration when logging into support with the wrong account? Yes, all of these can be diminished, but it all adds up. How many times will this be the straw that broke the camel’s back for a member? And for what? Introducing a limitation like this makes little sense to me and – I’m sure – many others…

Anyway, the limitation is bad and is one more item to consider when looking at the new plans. Here’s to hoping this limitation gets lifted soon.


Ultimately it is a business decision, not necessarily arbitrary. But I get the frustration. I’m in the demographic that the new Republic model is aimed for (55+), but at the same time, I also have children at home. One teenager has a phone, and the pre-teen will probably get one soon.

It’s just a marketing decision. I’d prefer more than 2 lines per account, but I can live with making multiple accounts, too.

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Whether this was an arbitrary business decision or not, it’s the logic of it that I’m curious about. Limiting to 2 lines per account clearly doesn’t benefit the customer in any way. Maybe DISH is afraid people might expect increased rate reductions with more than 2 lines since some other companies do that.


It’s hard to say but it’s very possible.

I’m quite confident it was an informed business decision, and it’s quite clear they’re competing against Consumer Cellular. Let’s face it, older people tend to have money.

Or maybe the decision was made to avoid confusion if they only wanted to offer the discount on every second line. Whatever the decision it was made for a reason we will never know. I personally find this as a slight inconvenience because frankly, I have multiple emails that I manage and even an email for my 84-year-old father in law that has dementia (earlier stages of it) that we use for his interactions, but he has never checked it and doesn’t even know how.

I too, have 4 lines with Republic, which is exactly why we chose to go with Republic. It was much cheaper to have 4 phones with them than the major carriers. In my thinking, I would assume that is true for a lot of people, but maybe their data shows that they don’t have that many with multiple lines. This will be an inconvenience to manage. I’m waiting to see how it unfolds for others in splitting their accounts. I know it was possible on the old plans to transfer a number to a new account, ie. my daughter who is now 27 and was in college when we switched to Republic, could take her number and create her own account. For simplicity, she has stayed under my account and just pays me each month for her part of the bill. I would still want my son, who is in college, to stay on our account which still gives us 3 lines. In this scenario, it would actually be better for our daughter to stay with the family and have the 2 accounts. This seems like more of an accounting headache for Republic (managing multiple accounts. But from a marketing perspective, it is a way to drive up their numbers. If we switch to two accounts, they double the number of accounts they have.

As someone with 3 phones on RW (actually two now, as I moved one off yesterday), it’s just one level of complexity I’m not going to deal with. My goal is to REDUCE complexity, not add to it.

I love the wording that this is merely an "inconvenience". I don’t use products that add to my inconvenience and I don’t know of a person that does. There’s a reason convenient stores thrive, because they make things more convenient.


Its not arbitrary. The way the plan is setup is to charge the first phone at $40/month and the 2nd phone at $20 a month making the average $30 a month. Its more profitable to force odd numbers of phones to be $40 than it is to charge $40 for the first and $30 for the rest. I can almost 100% guarantee they calculated the number of accounts that have an even number of phones vs accounts that have an odd number of phones before making the decision (more accurately the number that have 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4 vs 5 etc)

I honestly don’t see this lasting too long myself and hope after they get enough feedback will change it.

I personally feel like its an awful marketing decision as it really makes the 3rd phone FEEL painful even if its technically not. Very painful. Its like saying here, you get 2 phones at $30 a month, but were going to sk*ew you for $40 on this 3rd phone… Thanks for being a loyal customer.

I think it would have been a much better marketing decision to just say that all phones are $33.34/month. But again, I bet there are a lot more 1 phone accounts out there than there are 2 phone accounts - and certainly more than there are 3 phone accounts… And 4 phone accounts? Well, I am one… But was hoping to add a 5th but will probably keep 1 of them on my choice until its straightened out.

I know SouthPaw will read all of these messages, but is there anywhere we can vote/voice our distain for making multiple accounts?

(table removed as it was baseless and might just cause confusion)

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Ok… I think I gave the marketing group too much credit for caring about profit… :slight_smile: Maybe they just wanted to keep it “simple” and “straight forward”…

20, 40, 60 or 30, 60, 90 is just them trying to make it easy…

Any way you slice it, I still think its a decent deal as long as the coverage works in your area. Although it may feel like it, the end of the world did not come with them changing their logo… If you can find a better deal with a decent carrier for $40 or less/month - let me know.

I am done thinking about this for today… :wink:

Bumping this back up as I purchased two new unlocked phones from Google for my kids Christmas. Since I have four 4.0 lines and will not be allowed to have four 5.0 plans on the same account I am going to utilize the plan to add a period to my Gmail account and create a second login that way.

So my question is I assume that even if I wait around for the “easier” switchover process that has been discussed that would still only work for two phone lines. I’m guessing the best thing would be to just order two new 5.0 sim cards and port over my kids two phones. Then, once the new smoother transition process is in place I could move my original two phones to 5.0. Does that sound right? Thanks!


Hi @Nighthawk,

You’ve got it, sir!

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Hey can anybody advise if Republic sends shipping info or confirmation for the SIM cards being ordered? My sons Moto X4 ate it this morning and I’ve already received our two new Pixel phones from Google but have not seen any shipping info or really any communications from RW since my order confirmation on 12/20. So I have the two new 5a 5G phones in hand as well as two older X4’s that could still work. But since I’m on CDMA SIM cards with 4.0, I assume that I can’t just move that SIM over into one of those in the interim, correct? Sorry for the hassle but having a series of unfortunate events happening during the transition and would like to make sure my 18 year old who is driving has a working phone. Thanks!

Hi @Nighthawk,

Generally, Republic sends shipping notification, however, there have been some glitches with those for orders since the store opened.

Active CDMA SIMs are phone specific and cannot be moved from one phone to the next.

There’s no need to apologize and it’s perfectly understandable you would want your son to be driving with a working phone.

May I contact you using Community’s private messaging?

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Sure thing but probably not necessary anymore. I got the shipping info late last evening and should be here this evening!

One other question since you answered about the CDMA SIM cards, the new GSM SIM cards can just be popped into a phone and go, correct? So in the current situation I’m in I could just take the GSM SIM card he was using and pop it in an older phone and he would be good to go, correct?

You are correct, it’s no longer necessary.

Very happy to hear it!

An active My Choice GSM SIM may be moved from one My Choice compatible phone to another My Choice compatible phone. Does that answer the question?