How does byop work in this situation?

Hi! I made the mistake of getting the Moto g7 when I use CDMA, so now I am considering doing a byop with a pixel I just bought, but I wanted to make sure I can still use the same phone number I have, and how to get started on the process for this so I can have a working phone as soon as possible.

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Just to make sure I understand your question correctly, you need CDMA coverage, want to use the pixel phone, and keep your number?

Also, what are you planning to do with the Moto G7? Did you get it from Republic and wish to return it under the Money Back Guarantee?

  1. First, we should figure out what type of SIM card you have. You can use this guide to figure out which one.
  2. If you have a GSM card:
    The fastest way is to switch it to the new Pixel you have. Download and open the Republic Wireless app and it should swtich over.
    The “optimized” way is to use a second sim card and activate the pixel as an “replacement” to transfer the number over.
    This will get your phone up and running. The first method (move the sim card to the new phone) should be good enough if it is GSM.
  3. Now that you have running phone that you can use, you can follow the help guide to get a CMDA sim card for your new pixel.
  4. You can then return the deactivated Mogo G7 to Republic or where you got it from if needed.

I’ve wrapped up the g7 and printed label so will send that tomorrow. I did not remove the sim card as it came.already in the phone. And yes, i purchased from republic and have only had it 5 days, so within money back deal. I had to reactivate, g4+, in order to have some means of communication. It’s set up but I cannot make or receive calls, just texts? So that’s a problem! But should have new one and new sim cards by Thursday. I found the GSM card gave me very poor connectivity here, so I do need the CDMA, and the g7 is not compatible. Been a most frustrating process, and still a way to go to resolve!

Oh that seems much easier now that you have half the steps already done.

Do you know what type of SIM card you have inside the Moto G4+?

If it is GSM, I would go ahead and move it over to the Pixel. You can activate the card on the pixel.

Edit: Wait, did you say you have received the pixel yet?

I’m not sure if the issue with phone calls is related to the coverage or activation issues. Moving the card over and activating the pixel would at least refresh the activation between the phones.

Once the pixel phone is activated, you can request the switch to CDMA.

The reason that the pixel should be active with Republic first is because the CDMA sim card is tied normally to the phone itself so if they send you a CDMA card, it should be for the pixel and not the Moto G4+.

It’s a cdma sim card in the g4+. I ordered some cards from republic, but the phone through Amazon as republic didn’t have it. There was no place to state what phone the sim cards were for??

Ah ok! Thanks for the additional info. Feel free to ignore most of what I said before then.

For your Moto G4+, you may want to try to refresh the activation again to see if you can get the calling working again.

About the new phone and new cards:
The pixel line of phones should be compatible with Republic Wireless. However, BYOP is only GSM. Once you get the phone, you can activate it with the new card. Going though the activating steps, you will be given options so be sure to select the replace your old phone so the number transfers over.

Do you know that GSM doesn’t work in your area? You can give the phone and service a try. If you know that CDMA works better, you can request the CDMA card for the pixel after you BYOP activate the phone.

Yeah, I’ve done that 5 times today. I wonder if it’s just given up the ghost! But I can text which is a big help, and really, maybe a little peace and disconnectedness is a good thing! Thanks for the advice!

Hi @barbarag.qk3pej,

I’ve just taken a look at your ticket history and you’ve been through a lot of tickets (several still open) and gotten lots of info here - some of it is conflicting and confusing things.

Please don’t open a new ticket for the CDMA SIM card. I’ll put the needed info into one of your existing tickets and get a reply to you there, to get things underway.

You asked for the IMEI number.

Hi @barbarag.qk3pej,

Though you’re using email, you’ve actually replied in Republic’s online Community. You need to reply with that IMEI number in your ticket rather than here in the Community. You may find that ticket when signed into your Republic account here:

Hi @barbarag.qk3pej,

Alex followed up with me after he talked to you, and I’ve replied in your ticket. Please let me know if you don’t see that reply!

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