How does one get Republic to fix a bug on their web pages?

The support methodology for Republic is based upon the assumption that everything can be solved by answering questions. After dealing with email support I was pointed here as the only place to post this bug.

I have found a simple bug with the online ‘My Call and Message History’ tool. The bug is that the csv file created with the save button has the network value (either cell or wifi) exactly the opposite to what is displayed on the web page depicted by the wifi or cell icon. All the data I have looked at for my phone suggests the web page is correct and the csv file is wrong.

Is this the right place to post this?

Hi @jedgar02,

I’ll take a look at your ticket to try to determine why you were pointed here. It is the correct place to post feedback and, sometimes, feature requests, but bugs can be handled by support ticket.

However, when I view my call and message history in my account portal and compare it to the CSV file, the Wi-Fi and cell designations are the same. I’m not able to replicate what you’re describing.

After reviewing your ticket, I believe the agents were not fully understanding what you were describing.

In the account portal, the image icon means cell.

The image icon represents Wi-Fi.

If you are viewing the call records on a computer and mouse over those icons, the words cell and Wi-Fi are indicated for each.

So I believe the CSV file does match up with the information in the portal.

I’m sorry the agents who read your carefully-worded report did not understand what you were reporting.

Edited to add:

I do note that with the understanding that the website and downloaded CSV file are reporting the same thing, you may still feel that the reporting is entirely opposite what it should be - that Wi-Fi calls are being reported as cell calls, and vice-versa.

I’ll be glad to look into that more carefully tomorrow, with the assistance of some other Community members who may feel like testing. I would ask, though, that you keep in mind that if the call hands over to cell at any point during the call, I believe it is then reported as “Cell” in the CDRs. You’d need to put the phone in airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled and place calls in that state in order to verify that the calls are 100% Wi-Fi calls.

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I see your point about what the icons mean. Testing a bit more I now realize why Gerardo was alluding to the data not being accurate.

I have 1 example of an incoming call via wifi (I was in airplane mode) that shows up as cell. This example was preceded by 2 anonymous sms text messages (maybe some kind of test to find the phone on cell network and failing) .
Another call I received while in airplane mode showed up correctly as cell - it was preceded by only 1 anonymous sms text.

I do not think the data is reliable.

If you have the phone in Airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled, it would not receive calls on cell. Did you mean incorrectly?

No, I made 2 calls while in airplane mode and 1 showed wifi and 1 showed cell.

Also I assumed the online network indicator would correlate to what the phone displays when the call comes in. This is not true so the online network indicator is mostly useless - at least to me. A suggestion for an app would be a Republic Call Log App that clones the existing call log info and adds the network indicator displayed on the phone to remember how a call came in or went out.

The good news for me however is I can use the online information plus the call log on the phone to determine whether an incoming call bypassed republic (by someone calling the invisible cell number) since these calls are invisible to the online tool. I just have to compare the phone log with the online list - any incoming call from the phone log not in the online list is one of these calls. (This is true at least for the case when the phone is able to receive wifi calls and the phone is not in airplane mode.)

This was my original motivation of examining the online tool at all.

Thanks for the help.

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