How does Republic Wireless work while I am using another sim card abroad?



So this is a long-winded question with multiple questions within…I’ll try to explain my situation as best as possible.

I’ve gone abroad for work for a month in Europe. I realize Republic plans can only call and text back to the U.S. and Canada when under a WIFI signal (which has held true). For my assignment (which just began today), I will need to be able to call across Europe. My company gave me a sim card for my Moto g5 plus and I changed it with my current republic one. I was just testing it to see if it worked, so I did not have a chance to experiment a great deal and likely will not have the opportunity anytime soon. My phone was able to make and receive a sample call (with a European number). Despite that, it said I needed to put in my republic sim card for it to work. Since I would not be needing to make calls for my assignment until a few days later, I switched my sim card back to my republic one.

For an extended period of time (I did not have time to mess with my phone); my republic phone said it needed to be activated which I did as if I had first gotten the phone. My first question is that will I need to reactivate it every time I switch back to it? Going off that, if my phone is inactivated for a few hours and I receive a call or SMS/MMS during that period, will I just receive those messages once my phone is reactivated or are they lost? With my republic sim, when I am without WIFI and I receive a message, I do not get it until I get back under a WIFI connection (which is fine). Does it work the same when the phone is in this inactive state?

In addition, when I have the new number under the European sim card, is my main number inaccessible on my phone until I switch back? Like before, would I miss out on messages? I know republic wireless has posted the following article: International Service – Republic Help, but it made little sense to me.

I know my is a 3.0 phone with a Clear Choice plan, but how do I tell if it is a 3.0 or 4.0 plan? I would guess 3.0 because it says " For Republic Wireless 3.0 phones on our My Choice plans, you’ll need to have your Republic Wireless SIM card installed. What does that mean for me?

Thank you so much for your help!


As the SIM is already active there no need to reactivate each time you reinstall it,
For texting I would install Republic anywhere and have access to your text without the SIM installed


Correct, the Republic service, even on wifi, only works when the Republic SIM is in the phone.

Yes, it does.


No, you do not. They are delivered the next time you connect to wifi with the Republic SIM in the phone.

Nothing. There are no 3.0 plans any more. These were the “Clear Choice” plans that were replaced by the “My Choice” plans. Republic made things very confusing with the 3.0/4.0 stuff. At the end of the day, if you have a phone newer than the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2 you are on the new plans and phones, whatever they want to call them.

Additional information: You can use the Republic Anywhere App and get your Republic text messages while you have data, whether on wifi or another service. In the future, when it comes out of beta, you’ll also be able to make calls, using your Republic number, the same way.


Thank you so much!

When I put my Republic card back in, it automatically made me reactivate it. Was that just a one-time thing? It also downloaded Republic Anywhere which I have yet to test on my computer, but that should help me out a lot.


Thank you! That is a big relief!


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