How does Speck Presidio stack up to Otterbox Defender for MotoG5 Plus

My middle son has reached the age at which we’ll allow him now to purchase a phone, which will make him number four in our family w Republic. He wants a MotoG5. We require a good case–kids are rough on phones. My eldest son and I have G3s, so have Otterbox Defenders, which are incredible; I can’t tell you how many times my phone has fallen out of a firetruck.

But no Otterbox is available for a G5, not even the Commuter, which I wouldn’t allow for my son anyway–the Commuter is nothing like the Defender. In fact, the one time I switched to a Commuter when i needed my phone a little thinner, the screen on my G3 broke just from stress in my pocket.

The Spec Presidio is available from Republic, and on sale. But I read mixed reviews, and none stack it up against the Defender, which for my purposes, is the standard I need to compare against.

So my question isn’t so much “Is the Speck a good cover?” Rather, how does it stack up to the standard of the Otterbox Defender.

The reviews I’ve read don’t directly address the Speck’s ability to save screens in drops (Speck offers a lot meaningless impact and drop-distance numbers; I need real world anecdotes in relation to the best of cases.) I have read that they look pretty at first, but because they’re clear, scratch up and look shoddy. But that’s immaterial to me.

So anyone with experience, please share.


Personally I would look at something more rugged

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Create a slim, shock-absorbing fortress for your Moto G⁵ Plus.

Slim cases aren’t in the same protection class as rugged cases. You should be able to find something more suitable for your needs doing a web search or searching here. Seem to remember a few topics where members have had suggestions.


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on my moto g4 plus, i’ve used the poetic revolution case and have a good experience with the case (many drops with no damage). it does add a bit of thickness to the phone, but does have a built-in screen protector and all the ports/button are covered (except the fingerprint sensor)…


check amazon They have a good selection of cases
for the moto g5+ some ruggued one lke Bolt unicorn etc.

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