How does the Orion WiFi map compare to Hotspots Republic members could connect to automatically, before?

How does the coverage map for Orion compare to that of the previous automattic wifi coverage that was dropped?

Hi @Majorninth,

I don’t believe we ever had a map of the Republic Verified WiFi Hotspots, so there’s no way I could overlay them and compare them for you.

We did announce that there were over 30 million hotspots on that network, and at this time, I believe the Orion WiFi locations are substantially fewer, however that’s part of being an “early” adopter - both for you individually as you participate in this Beta test, and for us, Republic, as we partner with Google’s Area 120 team in such early stages of the project. We’re in early, and we’re going to get to watch it grow.

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@orionwifiteam, do you have any thoughts to add here?


Thank you for the information. I expected that would be the case. I am looking forward to getting this functionality back and am hoping that it would work for everyone this time and not just me.

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From my personal experience the biggest difference is you don’t have to sign in for Orion where as you had to for other public WiFi such as McDonalds.

That of course is to say if my hypothesis of Walmart being part of Orion is true. Otherwise Walmart just stopped requiring sign-in’s. :skull:

Hello & thank you for your interest in Orion Wifi!

Southpaw is correct. We do not currently have a coverage map and our footprint is small, but growing rapidly. We do not have 30M access points in our network.

We are approaching Wifi differently than how you may have seen in the past. We, along with Republic care most about your connectivity experience. This means that we are focused on ensuring connectivity is limited to premium, high-speed networks.

Thanks again!

Matt, on behalf of the Orion Wifi Team @ Google

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