How does the Samsung A51 compare to the Moto X4?

I have a moto x4. Screen is broke and thinking of the samsung galaxy a51. would this be a good replacement ? Would that be an upgrade or a downgrade.

That would be an upgrade. :slight_smile:
Tho you should know there are some differences in how Motorola handles its OS vs how Samsung does (It’s a matter of preference).

Here, this can help you see the differences between the two phones:

Thank you. Maybe a new operating system is just what I need to add some excitement to life😁. I see eBay has them cheaper than rw. is it a big hassle to bring a phone in from the outside?

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Seeking a BYOP phone isn’t a hassle. But you do need to make sure you are getting the exact make/model that Republic supports. (No carrier branded phones and they must be Factory Unlocked US version.)

Personally I stay away from ebay.
But I have bought a phone from Best Buy and am using it on Republic right now :slight_smile:

Here is Best Buys Galaxy A51 for $324.99 (Activate Later)

Of course you would need to move the SIM from your old phone in that case.

This post from a fellow Ambassador can help.

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As @SuperT said, bringing a phone from another retailer isn’t difficult, but you have to know what you’re getting. The Republic Wireless compatible A51 is model # SM-A515U1. Most of the bargain A51’s on eBay are model # SM-A515F. SM-A515F is the dual SIM international variant and would not be compatible with Republic Wireless.

From Samsung Galaxy A51 – Republic Wireless
We support only the North American factory unlocked version of this phone, model number SM-A515U1. Models without the “1” are not compatible with Republic. Some vendors will list this phone by the Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): SM-A515UZKNXAG, SM-A515UZWNXAA, or SM-A515UZKNXAA

If you’re unsure whether the phone you’re buying meets these requirements, we suggest contacting the seller directly to verify the information.

Please note: Samsung phones sold second-hand are often different versions which have had their software modified to mimic the factory-unlocked version. These phones may be misrepresented with the model number or MPN that we do support. These phones cannot be activated on our network and we cannot be responsible for misrepresented phones sold by third parties. If the product description you are considering includes a note that it will activate only on a GSM network, or if the seller indicates the phone will not activate on Sprint or Verizon, this is not the phone model that we support. Please make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.

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Thank you for the info. For a few bucks more buying from rw seems the route for me. I would rather pay a little more and avoid hassles. Thanks again. I’m buying me the perfect gift


And when you buy from rw it cones with a sim card

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