How far back do your CDRs go? When do they get deleted by RW?

I have been told that they are deleted after 18 months, but I’m double-checking!

Hi @scottw.6tgcxg,

Mine go back to December 2014, which is when I became a Republic member. So, for me, 25 months and counting. I’ve not heard the 18 month limit.

thanks rolandh, below is the note I received from RW helpdesk:

** **(Republic Help)

Jan 25, 3:58 PM EST

Hi Scott,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand you are wanting to access your CDRs from May 2015 and earlier. I will be happy to explain why you are not finding them.

We keep CDRs for 18 months, then they are deleted from our servers and there is no way to access them. Since May 2015 was over 18 months ago, we no longer have those CDRs.

I know this is less than ideal for you, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again. Have a great day!


My Calls & Messages pull down menu goes back to Nov. 2011, but if I try to open it I see “You do not have permission to access this resource.”

My pull down menu starts at Dec 2012 (when I joined) but anything before May 2015 yields “There are no calls or messages for this phone within the selected dates.”

Another thing to keep in mind is when you upgrade your phone if you accidentally activate a new line with a new number, then do a number swap to get your original number on the new line…then the old CDR history (even though it is the same number) is lost!

Hi @scottw.6tgcxg,

My apologies, the last time this question was posed to me, call history did indeed extend back to my becoming a Republic member. I see now that while I’m still able to go back as far as December 2014 in the drop-down selector, I’m being told:

There are no calls or messages for this phone within the selected dates.

Again, I’m sorry for apparently misleading you. Republic staff would surely know the retention policy better than I would.

Perhaps, others will chime in with their experience?

Thanks amiti – I have upgraded my phone twice since joining RW, but have no recollection of accidentally activating a new number. Are you able to go back further than 18 months and still see CDRs?

My oldest accessible CDR is May 2015.

Others are confirming that CDRs get deleted permanently after 18 months. (I was skeptical due to missing feedback/info on the “View Call History” page and the suggestion to go the legal route from an earlier RW helpdesk person)

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