How I beat spam and robo calls

When I connect to a call if I do not say anything unless it is one of my contacts name, I found that after 11 to 13 seconds, the call disconnects. Spam or robocall are triggered by your “hello”.
We have our home for sale by owner and in every case a voice would say “hello” before the 11 to 13 seconds was up and then I would say hello.
Occasionally a call will start as soon as the call connects but I hang up immediately and block the number.


How do you block a number, I’ve crawled all over the RW site, and I don’t see a way to block a number what am I missing?

Moto G

Using the search feature here with “block numbers”, I found this.

Hopefully, there are instructions that match your phone. Moto is up to the G7 now, and I don’t know which one you have. In the newer Android versions, there is an option to put in numbers to block. If yours is older, maybe someone with one will be able to help.


Use the “should I answer” app to block unwanted callers.

You can use an app in the Google Play store. Yes, " Should I Answer ’ would be my top pick. But, seems like my Motorola X4 comes with a blocker in my phone’s dialer! So I removed the Should I Answer app some time ago and just went with my phone’s dialers call blocker. But for years I used that app and loved it.

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