How is the Moto G4 from RW able to get CDMA and GSM coverage, but BYOP Moto G4 with RW SIM card only do GSM?

So, the Moto G4 from Republic Wireless has dual network coverage. They get both CDMA and GSM. But the SIM card that RW provides for the same phone not purchased from RW only has GSM coverage. Why is that the case? What is different about the phone (with same model number) from Republic Wireless? If they can fix the phones to work on both CDMA and GSM networks, why can’t we do it, too? I don’t appear to have adequate GSM coverage in my zip code (but plenty of 4G LTE) so the BYOP option isn’t an option for me. At least RW does good by alerting you to this fact before you get frustrated by the phone not working after you brought the phone home.

currently all BYOD is GSM

to activate on the CDMA(Sprint) network the republic needs the phone in hand (even Sprint requires one to bring a BYOD to a Sprint corporate Store to activate)

Will Republic ever offer a CDMA BYOD is unknown but they say they are working on over comming issues

What is different about RW having the phone in their hands as opposed to having it in my hands? It sounds like a paper/permissions issue, not an actual technology issue.

Hi @angelad.wlztsw ,

The Moto G4 is capable of CDMA or GSM coverage. If you buy the phone from RW - based on your zip code check

RW will send you either a CDMA or a GSM coverage phone. RW does not have the ability to offer dual CDMA/GSM coverage at this time regardless of where you buy the phone.

RW’s current activation flow does not support the ability to activate a BYOP CDMA device. Hopefully, this functionality will be available in the future. Until that time you will only be able to get GSM coverage with a BYOP device regardless of whether the device is CDMA/GSM capable.

See here for additional details

Republic Wireless Coverage

if the phone is in there hands they can physically registrar it to the CDMA network by partially activating it some thing they can not do if they do not have it in hand

Hi @angelad.wlztsw,

The difference is the CDMA Sim card requires something of a “marriage” with the phone requiring a back-end pre-activation process. That’s why they need the phone in their hands to properly activate it for CDMA.

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