How long does it take Republic to transfer a number to another provider?

Wondering how long it takes to transfer a number to another provider?

Short Answer: It depends :grin:

@billt.ocq2fu The better question is how long does it take the other provider to transfer a number from Republic. The “gaining” carrier is in charge of the process. Some ideas of how long it takes:

Verizon: 3-14 days
Xfinity: 5-21 days
T-Mobile: 3-4 days
AT&T: 3-5 days
Visible: 3-Never days
Cricket: Refuses Republic (and all VoIP) numbers
Sprint: 3-5 days


I really have no idea but I sat there and watched him send what he said was what he supposed to do I don’t know

I’m not sure what you mean by your response. But if you take a look at the second link @jben provided it describes the process including your new carrier picking the date they’d like Republic to release your number to them. Republic will do it at that time.

Thank you


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